As a Property Owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your premise does not endanger your tenants or members of the public. Property Owner’s Insurance provides critical protection for residential and commercial landlords.

Setting the limit of indemnity for your property owners liability insurance is extremely important as you will become personally liable for any claim in excess of your chosen limit.

A combined Property Owner’s Insurance policy will include multiple sections of insurance over and provide complete protection for your buildings, contents, loss of rent, as well as your legal liability as a landlord or property owner.

Loss of rent can be insured with an indemnity period of up to 24 months.

​Any tenant with commercial operations at the insured address will be required to hold their own separate insurance. If you have contracted people to maintain your property, such as a cleaners or gardeners, you should ensure that they have their own liability cover in place before any work is carried out on your behalf.

Your insurance cost will be proportionate to the property reinstatement value, age, location, annual rent insured, liability limit, as well as the type of occupancy, or business activities of your tenants. Risk reduction measures such as CCTV installations and maintenance contracts can have a positive impact on your premium.

When the time comes for you to review the terms of your next insurance renewal, consider a property owner’s insurance quote from Corrigan Insurance.

Combined with our deep product knowledge and access to multiple insurance markets, Corrigan Insurance can help you to tailor an insurance solution that considers your entire business.

Through the consultation process, your Insurance broker will examine your business specifics and policy requirements, before reflecting your business risk with insurers.

Your Insurance broker can help you to set the right cover limits and select insurance protection that is the most suitable for your business risk.

We will help you to understand the policy covers, section limits, and any important policy wordings that apply to your property owner’s insurance quote.

We can also provide you with a full onsite review if you are unsure of a specific risk that you need covered under your property owner’s insurance policy.


  • Multiple Insurance Markets
  • Large Policy Limits
  • Flexible Mid-Term Alterations
  • Dedicated Account Handlers
  • Affordable Payment Plans
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  • Insurance for Landlords

  • Insurance for Business Owners

  • Insurance for Unoccupied Properties

  • Insurance for Commercial Properties

  • Insurance for Residential Apartments


  • Claims of negligence and failure in your duty of care that results in tenants or members of the public experiencing property damage, bodily injury, illness, disease or death, at or in connection with your insured property.

  • Combined insurance policies will provide material damage, all risks cover for the Insured property.

  • Loss of rent caused by an insured peril.

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