For many SMEs, the company’s motor fleet is the area of the business most likely to give rise to accidents or claims. And while there will always be some accidents that cannot be avoided, there are measures that motor fleet operators can implement to reduce their likelihood of experiencing at fault or contentious claims that drive up the cost of motor fleet insurance.

A company vehicle is an extension of the physical workplace and obligations on the employer under the Safety Health & Welfare at Work legislation extend to the vehicle i.e. providing a safe place of work, a safe system of work and adequate training of staff.

Reduced costs for cameras and telematics has made this type of technology more accessible than ever before and when properly deployed and utilised the data that these technologies produce can have a profound impact on driver behaviour and ultimately reduce the frequency of accidents and claims.

Equipped with this understanding, operators of motor fleets should be encouraged to take proactive steps that reduce their likelihood of having an accident, and in so doing demonstrate to underwriters that their individual risk is being proactively managed.

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Commercial Combined Insurance; typically covers property damage, employers liability, public, liability, product liability & business interruption.

Motor Fleet Insurance; is appropriate when your business owns multiple vehicles – even when they are all different classes of vehicles (cars, vans, LCV). This policy provides a convenient and flexible means of insuring your company’s vehicles with a single renewal date and premium.

Goods in Transit Insurance; protects the value of your inventory items from loss, damage or theft – when being shipped by road transport.

Marine Cargo Insurance; protects the value of your inventory items or third party inventory items in your care from loss, damage or theft – when being shipped by sea transport.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance; provides indemnify to the Insured for the loss of money or property sustained as a direct result of acts of fraud, theft or dishonesty by an employee in the course of their employment.

Directors & Officers Liability; protects against third party financial losses resulting from the actions and decisions of a company’s directors and officers. Personal liability is unlimited, and claims can be brought against the estate of deceased directors arising out of the director’s actions. This cost effective cover is suitable for any institution that is run by a board or committee as the directors and officers may not be able to rely on the financial assistance from their company if they are sued in their capacity as a director or officer if the company suffers a liquidity or solvency crisis at the time that the lawsuit is brought against them, or if the company’s Article of Association prohibit the indemnity of the directors & officers.

Cyber Insurance; provides you with a regular income or lump sum payment if you have an accident which prevents you from working, or results in you suffering a temporary or permanent disablement or accidental death. Temporary Disability could mean the loss of income for a long period of time, while a Permanent Disability could end a person’s working life or severely limit their future earnings. Accidental death can leave dependents financially insecure, and this section of cover will provide for the payment of a lump sum if the policy holder dies directly as a result of injuries sustained in an accident.

Cyber Insurance; protects logistic companies by providing rapid response to any malware attack or cyber extortion crime

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