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Hospitality Insurance

Corrigan Insurance has extensive experience as a broker for hospitality businesses  such as pubs, restaurants, take-aways, guesthouses, catering companies, cafes, gastropubs, & mobile caterers. We understand your needs and the types of issues that the Hospitality Sector faces.

We will help review your business, advise you on risk management and find ways to be efficient whilst getting great cover.

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Features & Benefits

Hospitality Insurance

  • Multiple Insurance Markets

  • Wide Territorial Limits

  • Pays: Legal Defense Costs & Damage

  • Awards for Claims of Negligence

  • Within Policy Limits

  • Covers: Bodily Injury, Illness, Disease

  • Death of Contracted Workers

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Corrigan Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance covers you against third party claims for property damage, personal bodily injury or death resulting from your business activities.

The cost of defending and settling a claim are covered within your limit of indemnity. Your business will be liable to pay any damage claim in excess of your chosen limit.

​​If you are a sole trader, you can become personally liable and your assets will be at risk if it is proven that you were negligent, and your policy limit is not sufficient to cover the resulting claim.

Cover under this policy can be tailored to reflect your individual business and indemnify you against financial loss from successful claims of negligence that are taken against you by members of the public

Corrigan Insurance

Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance covers your business against third party claims for accidental property damage or personal injury, illness, disease or death arising from products negligently sold, supplied, designed, manufactured, installed or for services that your business has undertaken.

This section of cover can be extended to include Product Efficacy, which is insurance against defective goods or failure of the products and services to perform their intended function. The cost of recalling products can be added as an extension to cover.

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Corrigan Insurance

Management Liability Insurance

Partners, directors and officers of a company can become personally liable for the actions or omissions that they make while managing their company.

Irish and EU legislation has had a significant impact on the liability of a director relating to insolvency, VAT, data protection, the environment and competition. Some examples of director’s duties are:

  • To promote the success of the company
  • To exercise independent judgment
  • To exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence
  • To avoid conflicts of interest
  • To declare the nature and the extent of any interest in a proposed transaction with the company.
Corrigan Insurance Macroom Cork - providing management liability Insurance in Ireland
Corrigan Insurance Macroom Cork - providing directors liability Insurance in Ireland
Corrigan Insurance

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance protects the individual liabilities of management from the cost of defending or settling claims i.e. D&O Insurance is concerned with purely financial losses.

Successful claims result from breaches of duty or trust (e.g. misuse of sensitive or confidential information), negligence (sub-standard conduct or due diligence), pollution, defamation, claims of health, safety  and welfare at work.

The Policy EXCLUDES:

  • claims for bodily injury or damage
  • prior and pending claims
  • actions arising from the dishonesty, fraud or malicious conduct of a director /officer
  • claims where the director has made an improper gain, profit or advantage, and
  • breaches of professional duty.

This policy covers a wide range of perils, reflecting the increasingly diverse implications a company’s actions can create. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance allows business owners and managers to make decisions and take actions with confidence, knowing they are protected.

​Employment Practices Liability Insurance is offered as an extension to cover with some providers. This covers your legal defence costs and compensation awards for employment disputes, such as wrongful termination and discrimination.

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Corrigan Insurance

Property Owners Insurance

Property Owners are responsible for ensuring that their premise does not endanger their tenants or members of the public. Setting the limit of indemnity for this section is very important as you will become personally liable for any claim in excess of your chosen limit.

This liability insurance will be included within a broader insurance solution for your business, providing complete protection for your buildings, contents and loss of rent.

Your insurance cost will be proportionate to – property age, type, occupancy, business activities of tenants or age and risk profile of the group occupying it. Alleviating measures such as CCTV installations and maintenance contracts can have a positive impact on your premium.

​Any tenant with commercial operations at the insured address will be required to hold their own separate insurance. Similarly, if you have contracted people to maintain your property, such as a cleaners or gardeners, you should ensure that they have their own liability cover in place.

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